SYL will be the premier and most preferred consumer goods distribution company. By maintaining strong partnerships with their principals and delivering unrivaled excellent service to its customers, SYL will focus on this spirit that has driven entrepreneurship even amongst its staff leading to better innovative products while challenging the business as it ventures into a more dynamic market.

Our Values

SYL keeps in mind its core values – integrity, innovation, development, excellence, efficiency, humility, entrepreneurial spirit and customer focus – practiced and lived by upper management and the staff, this has brought credibility and deeper purpose for the company down to its employees.

Our Philosophy

SYL upholds and strongly believes in tradition – respect for elders, paying homage to the past, and honoring family. Adhering to these principles and philosophy, even as the company is steered into the 21st century while facing more challenges, it has maintained its business ethics, integrity, and honor resulting to being one of the most respected companies in the Philippines.

Our Core Values

Integrity We place honesty and transparency above all other interests.
Innovation We encourage creativity, render new ideas, develop unique solutions and give support to the people who are bold enough to do so.
Development We hire great people and provide them with an environment for learning and growth.
Excellence We are passionate about what we do, as such, we foster a habit of setting goals, detailed preparations and commit ourselves to continuous development.
Efficiency We aim to do things right and achieve the best possible.
Humility We have the humility to recognize our errors and the understanding that we can always improve.
Entrepreneurial Spirit We foster an environment of business-minded people. We find opportunities in any instances and are very aware that numerous seeds have to be cultivated to spring great enterprise.
Customer Focus We place our responsibility before our profits. We anticipate customer needs and exceed their expectations.