Our Company


SYL Hermanos Trade Center, Inc. (SYL) is a leading consumer goods distribution company preferred by other establishments in the Visayas. Known for its transparency and instinctive direction, SYL, together with its subsidiaries that handle the diverse distribution business, firmly believes in delivering excellent service to its customers while forging strong partnerships with their principals.

Spearheaded by an innovative management and a dynamic team, service became a passion driven value within the organization and providing 100% customer satisfaction was not just a byword but a part of the integrity and patrimony that goes with the name – SYL.


Our Subsidiaries


SYL Hermanos Industrial Sales, Inc. (est May 2012)

SYL Hermanos Food Services, Inc. (est August 2012)

SYL Hermanos Distributors, Inc. (est February 2014)